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Press Pray Now

Press Pray Now

When do you pray?

Do you only pray when the bills are due? Do you only pray when your loved one is in the ICU? Do you only pray when you’re in search of a miracle?

Why do you pray?

Do you only pray because you need God or do you pray because you long for Him? Do you only pray because it’s the right thing to do? Do you only pray because you’ve run out of other options?

How do you pray?

Do you fall down to your knees every single morning? Do you lay in the bed at night and tell God your list of demands? Do you recite The Lord’s Prayer because that’s what you learned when you were growing up?

Press Pray Now relieves the stress and expectations of when, why and how you pray and makes prayer more than a moment. It helps us to see that prayer is just a casual conversation with our Creator. It’s our ability to talk, ask and listen. It’s where we gain guidance and direction to make the right decisions. It’s where we are encouraged to push through our problems. It’s where we feel God’s unconditional love to handle all the hate in the world. It’s where our minds are put at peace, our souls are uplifted and our hearts are mended. The goal of this book is to make prayer a priority rather than an option, a conviction rather than a choice and a lifestyle rather than a moment.